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Michele swims with dolphins in Atlantis

Michele Lundy

“ Having her wish granted helped her with being a kid again. ”

- Michele's mom

It all started on Christmas, normally a joyful occasion that is spent with friends and family. But for Michele’s parents they knew something wasn’t quite right with their youngest daughter. 

On Christmas Eve, seven-year-old Michele came down with a little cough. Her parents felt like she could be coming down with the flu since it was in season. Michele didn’t care much about getting in the Christmas spirit; she would rather rest in bed, which was quite unusual for her.

On Christmas day, Michele was not being the happy and energized kid you would expect to see when finally getting to open her Christmas gifts. Instead, she was tired and she barely wanted to open them. Her lack of energy was very noticeable and her parents couldn’t figure out why.  

The next day she and her siblings were riding their bikes when she fell and hurt her chin. Her father took a look at her to make sure she was fine but as he continued to watch her through the day Michele’s face and body were washed out. By this point, her parent’s felt like talking to the pediatrician was the route to go.

The pediatrician felt that Michele could have a viral infection of some sort so they took the precautionary steps to check out little Michele and decided on drawing her blood. Michele’s blood results came back with a really low white blood cell count. Once they examined her results they had to break the news to Michele’s parents that their precious daughter has acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Michele had a really rough time battling her journey. She was on chemotherapy and therefore her immune system was not as strong as it could be. Little Michele had to undergo four sinus surgeries.

While going through her journey to fight cancer, her hope and strength was dwindling. Her hope and strength was renewed when her wish volunteers came to tell her that her wish to swim with the dolphins was about to come true.

“Seeing Michele learn that her wish was being granted was a priceless moment,” said Michele’s mother “It’s similar to the feeling you had when you got your first car.”

Michele, her parents and her three siblings went to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. She was always surrounded by water from once living in Florida, but she had never swum with dolphins. 

When she saw a picture of her cousin swimming with dolphins, she knew that she wanted to experience the same thing. Not only did she encounter two cute dolphins that she got to play with and hug, but she and her family had unlimited visits to the water park. They went to beach and also took a taxi to Nassau.

“Michele’s wish brought us closer as a family having everyone included and forgetting about her cancer,” said Michele’s mother. “The experience gave her the chance of being a kid and not being an adult. She always has doctor’s visits and has to take pills so she has to be a big girl when it comes to certain things. Having her wish granted helped her to be a kid again.”

Michele is in remission and will soon make her two year mark. Michele’s wish was a dream come true and Make-A-Wish Georgia is beyond happy to be a part of her hope, strength and joy that was given back to her.

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