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Apr 06, 2015

National Volunteer Week: Matt Griffin

Volunteer Matt Griffin
National Volunteer Week is April April 12-18, 2015. We are highlighting just a few of our amazing wish volunteers to show our appreciation.

Matt Griffin has been a wish granting volunteer in Atlanta since 2013.

How did you become involved with Make-A-Wish?

I was talking with a friend a couple years ago about how I wanted to do some more volunteer work.  We got discussing Make-A-Wish, as she had actually had a wish fulfilled when she was a child.  I loved the idea of working with children, and everyone at the MAW offices has put up with me so far!

What has been your favorite wish since you began volunteering with Make-A Wish?

I think my favorite moment is when I was sent a picture from my first wish.  A little girl wanted to go on a Disney Cruise and be a Princess, and when they got back her mother sent a picture of her in a tiara with Cinderella.  That's what got me hooked, she was so happy

Can you describe the impact of a wish that you have seen in working with wish families and wish children?

Wish children have to go through so much, so early in their lives, I think just the idea of a wish brings pure happiness.  When I talk with them their faces are bright, they are thinking about themselves and what they's an escape from their ordeal, gives them something to look forward to and encourages them to keep fighting.

What do you like to do in your spare time, when you are not volunteering?

I'm an actor at Whole World Improv Theatre in Atlanta, I get to perform on stage and be spontaneous and goofy.  Atlanta is a cool spot to be in right now with all the tv and film productions constantly filming.  I also enjoy going to basketball games, candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach.

Do you have a motivational quote that you live by?

"There is no virtue in politeness when confronted with ignorance, dishonesty, and delusion." -PZ Myers
 Why do you feel that wishes are important for children with serious health challenges?

They can survive, adapt and overcome their challenges.  The world is a gigantic place and they should have the chance to explore it, do whatever they want.
What has being a part of the Make-A-Wish Team meant to you?

I get to meet and hang out with some pretty cool kids, and start them on a journey to Disney or Hawaii..... help them meet their favorite pro wrestler or football team.  Taking part in making these dream opportunities come true is pretty awesome, and I'm a little selfish with it.  I just enjoy the heck out of it.

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