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Aug 23, 2016

Introducing the Wishmaker

Make-A-Wish Georgia is proud to announce the launch of a brand-new fundraising platform that brings donors closer to our mission than ever before.

With Wishmaker, supporters can virtually meet actual pending wish children, see their photo, read a brief story and then make a donation directly toward granting that child’s wish. Wishmaker then tracks the donations for each child to show how close their wish is to coming true.

After donating, supporters can then share on social media, challenge their friends to give and help spread the word. There are currently more than 700 children in Georgia waiting for their wish to come true and we need your help to make these wishes a reality.

Developed in partnership with PwC and Make-A-Wish America, this platform is completely digital, mobile friendly and socially connected. 

Become a Wishmaker Today!

How to become a Wishmaker


  • To get people to buy-in, we need to lead by example.
  • Even a $5 gift works; we just need you to donate so you can challenge others to do the same.

2: CHALLENGE your friends on social media

  • Once you donate, you will be prompted to choose friends to CHALLENGE to join you as a Wishmaker through Facebook and Twitter.
  • Challenging others helps us to spread the word organically. People will respond much better if this is coming directly from you.
  • SAMPLE MESSAGE: I just became a #wishmaker by donating to help grant (child’s name) wish. Join me and a community of supporters in helping to make wishes a reality for over 700 children in Georgia. #WishComeTrue

3: CHALLENGE friends through text

  • You can also challenge your friends to join you as a donor through a text message.
  • A message will automatically be created for you on the platform.


  • We’ve created some sample posts for you to try out.
  • You can even download some social media graphics from our Dropbox account.
  • Commit to posting one on social media for the next 4-6 weeks to get the word out.
  • We know that people will need to hear this message multiple times. You are our voice!

5: CHECK BACK to Wishmaker to see the progress

  • Wishmaker allows you to see the progress being made toward funding your wish kid.
  • Use this to share updates with your social audience to encourage them to support.
  • Remember, people will give because you believe!

6: PAT YOURSELF on the back

  • You are helping us make wishes come true for kids across Georgia
  • THANK YOU for your help to make sure that our Wishmaker site is a success.
  • Our kids our counting on us and we know that together, we will make an impact.

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At Make-A-Wish Georgia, stories are one of our most powerful resources. The Wish Blog is a platform we use to share just a few of these stories.

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