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A Letter from Scott and Hilary Hill

Scott and Hilary Hill
Scott and Hilary Hill are highly involved in our mission; him as a board member, and her as a founder of the W.I.S.H. Society. Find out what motivates them to give.

The Most Fortunate Traffic Ticket

Of the many interests Hilary and I have shared through the years, a desire to contribute to the communities in which we live has always been one of the most important. Early on, we committed to donating to charitable causes and our research and affinity for helping children led us to Make-A-Wish. 

What could possibly be more meaningful than offering a critically-ill child the hope of a heartfelt wish to give him the strength to battle a life-threatening illness?

When we moved to Atlanta in 2007, we remained Make-A-Wish donors, but had not directly connected with the mission. That changed when a traffic ticket left Hilary with a choice: pay a fine or sign-up for community service. Seeing that volunteering with Make-A-Wish Georgia was an option made the choice easy. 

Getting Involved with the Mission

Then our journey really began. 

After doing her “time,” Hilary remained active and volunteered at the 2008 Wish Ball. We then attended the 2009 Wish Ball with our good friends, Jane and Phil Hennessey, who had personally experienced the power of a wish during their son Will’s ultimately successful battle with cancer. Hearing the positive impact that Will’s wish to go to the MLB All-Star game had on their family further strengthened our commitment. 

In 2011, Jane and Hilary helped found the W.I.S.H. Society, a volunteer organization which has raised over $550,000 for Make-A-Wish Georgia over the last five years. Hilary’s involvement with the mission inspired me, and I jumped at the invitation to join the Make-A-Wish Georgia Board.

Wishes Can't Wait

Becoming more intimately involved meant learning about some heartbreaking realities. Through the commitment and contributions of amazing people like you, Make-A-Wish Georgia is able to grant over 300 wishes a year. However, there are still over 700 children in our state waiting for their wish. Let that sink in for a minute. 

Imagine your child or the child of someone dear to you has been told that she has a life-threatening illness. She is then offered the hope of a wish to help give her and her immediate family a few brief moments of relief, only to be told that, due to a lack of funding, she will have to wait in line. 

A seriously-ill child’s wish cannot, should and must not wait!

We hope that, like us, you will feel moved to help provide the critically-ill children of Georgia with the hope, strength and joy they receive by having a heartfelt wish come true. Help us eliminate the concept of a wish “backlog”. These kids shouldn’t have to wait.

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