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Mar 20, 2020

A Letter from our CEO

Dear Wish Community,

As we continue to navigate the uncertainty and magnitude of COVID-19 on our communities, I want to express our concern and gratitude for you during this challenging time. We sincerely hope you remain healthy and safe while continuing to adapt and adjust each day. Our world is ever-changing, and we’d love to share with you how we are responding.

The health and well-being of our wish families continues to take precedence, and given the current conditions, Make-A-Wish Georgia must postpone wishes that would potentially put our wish kids and their families at risk. With 79% of our local wishes involving travel and/or attendance at large gatherings, it means that most of our wish granting efforts have been put on hold.

While this reality is hard to face, our unwavering commitment to granting the wish of every eligible child with a critical illness is stronger than ever.

We recognize that during these unprecedented times, the steps we take today will determine our outcome tomorrow.

Things are evolving, and so are we. Our team has transitioned to an almost entirely remote workforce, we have enabled virtual wish visits for volunteer wish granters, are closely monitoring our rush wish scenarios, and have begun rescheduling wishes. Business may change, but our mission will not.

With wishes being postponed and significant fundraising events being canceled or rescheduled, there will be more children waiting for a wish locally than ever before. When the moment comes, Make-A-Wish Georgia will be ready. We will grant these wishes. How many wishes we grant and how quickly we grant them will come down to funding. Your continued support will bring hope to our community at a time when it’s needed the most.

We will continue to keep you, our wish community, informed about our organization, potential changes and most importantly, the impact on our wish kids and their families.

More information about our mission and ways to give online can be found at  

On behalf of Make-A-Wish Georgia and the wish families we serve, thank you! Together, we will create brighter days for Georgia wish kids.

Tim Earley

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