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Types of Volunteer Roles

Granting wishes takes a village. We rely on more than 400 Volunteers throughout Georgia. Our wishes, wish kids and wish families are all unique, and so are our Volunteers. We are looking for positive, outgoing and passionate people to join us. It is important that Volunteers are adaptable and accepting of lifestyles and situations different than their own as well as the unpredictability of wish family needs.
Are you ready to make a difference? Here’s how you can help.

Volunteer Wish Granter, Wish Discovery Expert A wish discovery expert is the first face of Make-A-Wish® Georgia to a wish family. Wish discovery experts meet with the wish child and immediate family members to help determine the child’s most heartfelt wish, while completing all required wish-related paperwork. Wish discovery experts typically work in teams of two in partnership with Make-A-Wish Georgia staff to ensure we understand and capture the child’s most heartfelt wish. This short term role requires great attention to detail, an inquisitive spirit, and the ability to apply learned communication techniques with wish children.

Volunteer Wish Granter, Wish Presentation Expert A wish presentation expert collaborates with Make-A-Wish Georgia staff to organize a wish presentation or wish reveal party to celebrate the child’s most heartfelt wish being granted. This two-to-three month role requires great attention to detail, seeking in-kind donations from authorized local retailers, and a passion for party and celebration planning.

Translator/Interpreter A translator/interpreter accompanies a fellow wish granting volunteer on a Wish Discovery Visit, assists wish kid in determining their wish, and helps wish family understand wish paperwork packet.

Community Champion A community champion organizes and leads fundraising initiatives geared toward their friends and family; a community champion would be a Make-A-Wish Georgia influencer with all your favorite people as the audience! This role requires a strong close-knit community, and a willingness to incite friends and family to participate to support your fundraising goals.

In-Office Champion An in-office champion organizes and leads fundraising initiatives at their place of business and within their company’s community, while also seeking in-kind donations from their company or company’s community to support Make-A-Wish Georgia wishes and annual events. This role requires a goal-driven spirit, ability to motivate and incite others, and comfort in seeking in-kind donations from authorized local retailers.

Corporate Connector A corporate connector provides an introduction with their employer’s decision maker(s), introductions to their individual professional network contacts, and seeks in-kind donations from authorized local retailers all in the name of connecting Make-A-Wish Georgia with partnership opportunities.

Please see our Got Questions page. If your questions aren’t answered, please reach us at Visit our new volunteer inquiry form to apply. 

Caroline , 6

liver transplant

I wish to have...a puppy and a puppy parade!

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