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Ashlee Becomes a Chef

Chef Ashlee stirs the pot. Jessica Horwitz Photography

“ Ashlee had a big task ahead of her. She was to cook a delicious meal for her family and friends! ”

Ashlee is a sweet ten-year-old that loves spending time in the kitchen cooking.  She was unfortunately diagnosed with a brain tumor, which is an abnormal growth of tissue on the brain found inside the skull or the bony spinal column.  Even though this condition requires many treatments, Ashlee can still light up a room with her smile. 

Ashlee’s day began with a limo ride to the Art Institute of Atlanta Creations Kitchen & Restaurant.  When she pulled up, she was greeted by Head Chef, John Oechsner, who had plans to give her the cooking experience of a lifetime!  She donned her chef’s hat and uniform and headed into the kitchen. Ashlee had a big task ahead of her; she was to cook a delicious meal for her family and friends!

Thankfully, she had taken a course in Culinary Basics at the Viking Cooking School the previous week to prepare her for this challenge.  Her menu for the night included pork chops, broccoli and cheese, and a molten lava chocolate cake covered in vanilla ice cream.  She only had a couple of hours to pull this meal off, but Ashlee was thrilled at the prospect of being “Head Chef” for the evening. 

Ashlee was a pro in the kitchen, and with the help of Head Chef John, she was able to execute her menu every step of the way.  She learned some tricks of the trade and how to make her meals taste even better.  She was wearing the biggest smile as she served a full table of her supporters the meal that she had lovingly prepared.  On top of this wonderful opportunity, she was awarded a cookbook, so that she could practice her art at home.  Thanks to Make-A-Wish® Georgia, this day was truly a wish come true!

  • Chef Ashlee prepares a dish.

  • Ashlee placing food on a plate.

  • Ashlee listens to some culinary pointers.

  • Chef Ashlee stirs the pot.

  • Ashlee

  • Chef Ashlee mixes things up.

  • Ashlee watches a master chef at work.

  • Ashlee proudly presents the freshly prepared meal.

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