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Camille becomes a model

Camille Brown Nigel Barker

“ This opportunity is indescribable. ”

- Camille's mom

Behind every supermodel, there’s a community. There are stylists, make-up artists, photographers and more. Their day-to-day tasks are something that many others aspire to do.

Camille, who waited years for her wish, reminded all the studio professionals who granted her wish just how inspiring they are – and how capable they are of making a positive, lasting impact in others’ lives. By the time Camille left the studio, you could hear the staff saying things like “put a smile in my heart” and “today is special.”

“I don’t think people realize the value of giving like they should,” Camille’s mother said. “For folks who’d take time out of their schedule for us to have this space and this opportunity is indescribable.”

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