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Ellie becomes a food critic

Ellie Tavani

“ Her wish was fantastic! We couldn’t have had asked for anything better. ”

- Ellie's mom

Ellie was born a fighter. As soon as she was born, the doctors noticed that she was missing skin on her shin, left foot and chest. She was immediately admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). 

While she was in the NICU, her doctors noticed that she had developed severe blisters on her skin. Luckily, the doctors had recently seen a case like Ellie’s six months prior; however, they then had to tell Ellie’s parents of their discovery.

Ellie was diagnosed with a very rare genetic disorder called Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). Both of her parents were unaware they were gene were carriers. They had no family members with the condition, but since they both carried the gene mutation, it was passed to Ellie. EB is a genetic disorder where the proteins that act as glue on people’s skin are missing. 

Ellie is highly prone to blisters and her skin is very fragile and sensitive. She has to constantly have her arms and legs wrapped in special protective bandages, unable to do normal outdoor activities like other children because the risk of her skin breaking and becoming infected are too high.

Although Ellie had a rough start in her early life and still struggles with her condition every day, Ellie doesn’t let the small things get to her.  She loves all the latest pop music, playing the piano in her free time and being a sports fanatic with her father. Even with her medical condition, she still fights to have as much of a normal life as possible.

Ellie loves to cook and watch Master Chef Junior. Ellie is adventurous so trying new recipes with her family is something she loves to get involved with. Her ultimate wish was to be a judge on Master Chef Junior. She wanted to try the cuisine and give them her honest opinion. 

When Make-A-Wish Georgia granted her wish, she was filled with nothing but joy. She enjoyed her experience with the celebrity judges and Chef Ramsey. They were all incredibly nice and made Ellie feel super comfortable. After her wish was granted, she wants to continue to try new recipes. 

that was given to her by the show and customized with her name on it.

“She loves her apron. I can’t get her to take it off!” said Ellie’s mother.

The simple pleasure of granting Ellie’s ultimate wish and giving her a special, customized apron are things that spark a fire of hope, strength and joy in children battling critical illnesses.

Ellie’s mother was filled with thanks and gratitude. “Thank you for pulling this off and everyone involved. Her wish was fantastic! We couldn’t have had asked for anything better.” 

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