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Makenzie Drives a Race Car

Makenzie's wish to drive a racecar! Skip Barber Racing School

“ Her sense of adventure and love for excitement led Makenzie to wish to be a racecar driver! ”

Four-year-old Makenzie is battling acute lymphoid leukemia (ALL), a fast-growing cancer of a type of white blood cells called lymphocytes, that crowds out bone marrow. This prevents the body from making the normal red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets that your body needs. Despite this being the most common type of leukemia in children, the cause of ALL remains unknown.

When Makenzie learned that she would be able to receive a wish experience from Make-A-Wish® Georgia, she knew right away what she wanted. Her sense of adventure and love for excitement led Makenzie to wish to be a racecar driver! Skip Barber Racing School, one of the largest racing schools in the world, and Zaxby’s Restaurant partnered with Make-A-Wish Georgia to help bring her wish to life.

Upon arriving at Skip Barber Racing School, Makenzie received her very own driving suit and a customized pink helmet. She and her family received an exclusive tour of the facility, where they learned about the racecars, racetracks and all that Makenzie would be able to participate in during her wish experience. The Skip Barber Racing School crew custom-made a race track for Makenzie’s pint-sized race car, which she utilized for her individual race and drag racing experience. After an adrenaline-filled day, the Braselton Zaxby’s location provided meals for the family and crew. Zaxby’s Kidz Club mascot, LZ, was also in attendance to help entertain the family during Makenzie’s memorable day. Make-A-Wish Georgia was thrilled to be able to provide Makenzie and her family with this experience, which created memories that they will cherish forever.

  • The crowd cheers on the racecar.

  • Makenzie learns how to drive.

  • Makenzie with her family.

  • Makenzie meets a racecar.

  • Makenzie tries on her racing helmet.

  • Makenzie with her new pit crew.

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