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Tyler takes to the ring

  • Tyler's wish sparked hope.

  • Tyler’s friends and family were ready to rumble!

  • When Tyler walked into the arena, everyone cheered.

  • Tyler fought his way to victory as the crowd roared!

  • Tyler became the World International Super Heavyweight (W.I.S.H.) Champion!

  • An entire community came together to make Tyler’s wish come true.

  • One year later, Tyler takes his W.I.S.H Championship belt wherever he goes.

Tyler’s wish sparked hope.

The world needs hope, and our mission of creating life-changing wishes to Georgia wish kids does just that. You know this because you’re one of us. You are a Magic Maker, a Hope Healer, a Smile Supplier for wish families. And wishes need stars like you now more than ever. Our mission has been interrupted, but we have an unwavering commitment to granting the wish of every eligible child with a critical illness. In the days ahead, there will be more wish kids in Georgia waiting for a wish than ever before. Wish kids like Tyler, whose wish to be a pro wrestler came true because of stars in our community.

Imagine you’ve had 28 surgeries and have two devices implanted in your body to help you process food. Now, imagine that all these issues have occurred, and you’re only 19 years old.

That’s the reality our wish kid, Tyler faces daily. But for one moment, when all the stars aligned, those daily challenges were the last thing on Tyler’s mind. Hope turned into triumph because Tyler’s wish to become a pro wrestler finally came true. It was a dream he had thought about for 10 years… a dream made possible only because a community decided to join us.

A phone call to a long-time Wish Granting Volunteer led to us to teaming up with ACTION Wrestling, an independent wrestling company in Tyrone, GA. This remarkable community opened their hearts and volunteered their talents to help us set the stage for Tyler’s wrestling stardom.

“We told him that before you can be a wrestler you have to learn all the basics such as announcing, and managing,” said Matt Griffin, CEO of ACTION Wrestling. “We wanted him to feel like a real pro; with a manager, agent, and coaching.”

On February 7, 2019, Tyler’s wish day finally arrived. As Tyler’s community gathered into Tyrone, Georgia’s Community Center that day, the excitement was contagious. They painted signs and settled into bleachers, ready to cheer on their favorite wrestler. Wearing custom wrestling gear and walking confidently into the room, Tyler debuted his persona, “Super Nova: The Alien Cyborg”, in front of the crowd! He was ready to take on the challenges ahead.

Tyler got to make introductions and announce matches throughout the event. As the battles drew towards an end, Super Nova got his chance in the ring against Kevin Blue for the World International Super Heavyweight (W.I.S.H.) Championship. He expertly maneuvered his way through a series of moves and pinned his opponent with ease. A triumphant victory!

The crowd ROARED as the referee handed Super Nova the W.I.S.H. Championship belt! When asked what he wanted the fans to know, Tyler boldly proclaimed, “The grass grows, the birds fly, the sun shines, and brother, I hurt people!” He couldn’t stop smiling!

One year later, Super Nova can be found wearing his wrestling gear to every ACTION Wrestling show. He’s become quite the commentator, sharing his view on every opening match! Fans flock to his side begging to take a photo with him, and he smiles every time as his parents look on in awe.

“Tyler’s wish changed his whole life. That day literally changed everything for him,” Tyler’s mom said. “He has opened up in a way we never imagined he would.”

Tyler’s wish wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible stars that aligned to make it happen. Thanks to ACTION Wrestling and Al Getz Enterprises, Tyler had the experience of a lifetime.

"The Super Nova Wish Day show is my favorite event I’ve ever done. From signing his contract with Al Getz Enterprises for managerial services to testing his wrestling knowledge to training before the show, Super Nova really came out of his shell. He never used to talk on the phone. Now, he calls me and gives his opinion on my ACTION Wrestling shows. Super Nova’s life has truly been transformed!” – Matt Griffin, CEO of ACTION Wrestling and Make-A-Wish Georgia Volunteer

Wishes like Tyler’s need stars like you. And wishes are waiting right now. To be a star for Georgia wish kids, visit

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