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Zaire Designs Her Own Fashion Line

Zaire Strickland

“ Zaire wished to be a fashion designer to create cute and comfortable clothes for other girls battling critical illnesses. ”

In August 2014, Zaire was diagnosed with a type of cancer that affects the bone. She had chemotherapy treatments regularly for about 10 months.

Being in the hospital as much as she was left Zaire feeling bummed. To cheer herself up, she often wore cute outfits, but they weren’t always comfortable. This inspired her wish!

Zaire wished to be a fashion designer because she wanted to create cute and comfortable clothes for other girls battling critical illnesses. To make this a reality, Zaire was very specific and strategic when choosing the fabrics she wanted to work with and the styles she wanted to create.

Zaire had the opportunity to take courses at Le Fashion Lab where she learned the process of the fashion industry and how to sketch clothing designs. She designed ten outfits, and Le Fashion Lab made them a reality. Clothing Labels 4 You provided the customized labels for the clothing. Zaire’s wish was quickly becoming a reality!

Zaire and her mom collaborated on what to name the brand. Together they came up with Embellished Rebel. The word rebel came to mind because it made them think of someone fighting to come out stronger on the other side of a challenge, just as Zaire was doing through her battle with cancer.

Once all the clothes were sewn, models were chosen and the stage was ready, it was time for the Embellished Rebel fashion show! Dozens of Zaire’s family members and friends were there to cheer her on and celebrate what she created. It was an experience of a lifetime for the fashion enthusiast!

Zaire has been in remission for a little over a year. Zaire is more motivated than ever to continue pursuing a career in fashion when she grows up.

Her wish experience lifted her spirits, brought her so much joy and helped her keep pushing through the tough realities of her critical illness.

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