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Abby Meets Elmo

  • Abby’s wish brought her so much joy!

  • Abby’s sister rode the Winnie the Pooh ride over and over again with her!

  • Abby and her family had the best time at Disney!

  • Her family will never forget the memories made together.

“ Her smile was the best. It truly brightened my day to see everyone happy and having fun! ”

- Butler, Abby's dad

Abby started fighting for her life from the minute she was born, 14 weeks premature. She weighed just 1 lb. 13 oz. and was diagnosed with a chronic lung disease, so doctors weren’t sure what was going to happen. After 220 days in the NICU, she finally got to go home with her mom, dad and big sister!

Since then, Abby’s life has been a series of ups and downs, hospital stays, new diagnoses and defying odds, and her love of Sesame Street and Elmo have helped her get through it all. It came as no surprise to her parents that she wished to meet Elmo at Sesame Street Land!


Abby visited all the Disney parks, and her favorite ride quickly became Winnie The Pooh. She made her family ride it over and over again! She danced to “It’s a Small World” and met princesses that left her speechless.

Sesame Street Land was her absolute favorite though. She met Elmo and his friend and was a little shy at first, but eventually they all danced in the street together!

“Seeing her see the Sesame Street cast was the best,” said her dad. “She was SO happy – smiling and laughing so much!” 

Abby’s wish gave her a new-found confidence that her parents didn’t even know was missing. It allowed her the chance to be a normal kid!

“Considering everything she goes through on a daily basis... we worry a lot. But her wish allowed us to leave everything behind,” said her dad.


Although she is still battling her condition, Abby is now able to pass through the difficult moments more quickly. That’s because when a wish is granted, a child battling a critical illness replaces ­fear with confidence, sadness with joy and anxiety with hope.

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