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Cooking in Paris

Adam’s trip to Paris was a life-changing experience.

“ Going away together, just us, was a great time to reconnect and to find joy in the everyday again. ”

- Christie, Adam's mom

Adam has a passion for the culinary arts, so it came as no surprise when he wished to cook and sightsee in beautiful Paris. His wish became a distraction even before he left. During treatment, he’d dream of all the places he’d see and the things he’d so when his wish came true.

Just before his 17th birthday, Adam was diagnosed with lymphoblastic B-cell leukemia. His treatment started immediately and will go through March of 2020. The last few years haven’t been easy. Adam has been in and out of the hospital (sometimes for long periods of time), had multiple surgeries and procedures, and even endured a seizure as a side effect of chemo. 

One of the most challenging parts for Adam is that his treatment is over 100 miles away from home. Traveling was starting to only be associated with chemo… until his wish came along that is.


Adam went on countless adventures on his wish to go to Paris. He and his family went to Louvre to see many gorgeous art exhibits; he said his favorite was the Mona Lisa. He also visited the Eiffel Tower and even the incredible Disneyland Paris!

It was a great experience for his family, too. They were able to spend valuable time with each other and grow even stronger as a unit. They left refueled and relaxed.  Adam’s wish grew his hopefulness for the future and his love for cooking and French food.

From Parisian cooking classes to a creepy cool catacomb tour, Adam’s wish was nothing like had ever experienced before. It gave him inspiration to continue to explore what life had to offer him.

Although he is still battling his condition, Adam holds onto the joy his wish gave him and is inspired to fight on.

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