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Garrick Explores the Happiest Place on Earth

Garrick lived in a Chinese orphanage until he was adopted by a loving family in November 2015. Although still adjusting to his new life, Garrick is well accustomed to the blood transfusion process he endures every three to four weeks.

Garrick suffers from Beta Major Thalassemia, a condition in which his body does not produce red blood cells. Due to constant blood transfusions, Garrick’s iron is extremely high which requires him to take additional medication to reduce the iron levels.

When given the opportunity to have a wish granted Garrick was slow to articulate what his wish would be. 

“It is hard because he has lived in an orphanage his whole life until now and has very small knowledge of the world and its possibilities,” explained his father. 

After watching YouTube videos of Disney World, it soon became apparent that his number one heartfelt wish was to go to Disney World. Garrick loves dinosaurs and Darth Vader, so a trip to the Star Wars Launch Bay experience in HollyWood Studio’s and Jurassic Park World seemed the perfect fit.

“The more we thought about it, the more we thought it would be really special for him,” his mother recalls.  “It would be magical for him to be surrounded by all the things he loves.”

Garrick and his father, mother and two siblings, August and Ruby, all traveled to Disney World to see dinosaurs and Darth Vader! Garrick's family had a wonderful time at the Give Kids The World Village, the Disney Parks and Universal Studios. 

“We are so grateful because this trip allowed him the chance to realize that this world is full of magic and joy!”

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