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Hunter Skis in Switzerland

Hunter Rewis

“ It was the trip of a lifetime and he valued it more than anything. ”

- Hunter's mom

Thirteen-year-old Hunter is obsessed with Star Wars, loves chocolate and enjoys being outdoors whenever he can. This brilliant young boy is quite the concrete thinker and has a very conservative mind. Although day-to-day things take Hunter a little more time than others, he’s good at doing as much as he’s capable of in the most efficient manner!

As a baby, Hunter was slow to reach milestones every parent looks forward to—sitting up, walking, etc. For the longest time, his mother tried not to compare him to other children and reminded herself to just give it time. 

At nine months old, Hunter’s parents became more concerned. They took him to see a doctor only to find out that Hunter has a very rare illness. Doctor’s refer to it as a complex central nervous system disorder, but there’s no direct diagnosis for his disorder. It’s a true enigma—nothing like doctors have ever seen before.

Complex nervous central system disorder strongly affects his freedom of movement, so Hunter uses a mobility chair to get around. At one point, he was attending intensive therapy eight times a week. Doctors think his illness relates to a rare upper spinal cord injury, but testing for this adds a high risk of a stroke. Therefore, Hunter and his family still don’t have exact answers.

Hunter is quite the trooper considering he battles an unknown disorder every single day. Of course, we were ecstatic to grant this fighter’s wish! Hunter wished to go to Switzerland, because he had always wanted to go snow skiing. He also adores Star Wars and part of the movie was filmed in Switzerland—so that was totally a plus!

In no time, Hunter was off to his trip of a lifetime! Hunter and his family took a train everywhere they went. They experienced the breathtaking scenery as well as a whole new culture. He and his family went on the Glacier Express, which is a timely, scenic train ride that travels through the Swiss Alps. With first class seating and a panoramic window, it was spectacular! While on the trip, Hunter also learned how to ski. This was by far his favorite. He was so brave and proud of himself for conquering the slopes!

Despite the confidence Hunter built from his wish trip, he also told his mother he never thought he’d be able to leave the country. “It was the trip of a lifetime and he valued it more than anything,” said Hunter’s mother. She said the togetherness of the family and overall smiles were by far the biggest impact.

Throughout the rollercoaster of possible diagnosis and illnesses, Hunter is still a happy and upbeat kid living as normal of a life as he can. 

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