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Jackson's struggles melt away at Disney

Jackson’s wish brought him and his family an undeniable amount of happiness and delight.

“ At a glance, no one would ever know the obstacles that Jackson once dealt with." ”

- Kate, Jackson's mom

Halfway through his first year of life, Jackson was diagnosed with a rare disease, causing him to go through a year of chemotherapy. After completing his first treatment plan, it was soon discovered that Jackson’s condition would need further treatment. His lymph nodes became swollen under his arm, and he developed lesions on his bones. This would be difficult for anyone to face, especially a two year old.

Wish granting volunteers contacted Jackson’s family to determine his wish. The lively two year old declared that he wished to go to Disney World, and volunteers wanted it to be as memorable as possible.


Jackson’s mom, Kate was thrilled to get the news that his wish was being granted. This was an especially important day as Jackson had just been moved to the “Survivor’s Clinic”, an area that patients are moved to within the hospital after successfully completing their treatment. After meeting Jackson, his wish granting volunteers couldn’t help but notice his love for planes, trains and automobiles. With one of his favorite movies of all-time being Cars and the chance to experience attractions like the Flying Elephant at Disney World, his volunteers had absolutely no doubt that Jackson would be in transportation paradise.

Jackson’s time in Disney World brought him an undeniable amount of happiness and delight. A few things that he enjoyed the most from his trip were having the chance to meet and get a picture with Ana and Elsa from Frozen. Since Jackson was finally tall enough to ride the roller coasters within the theme park, he had the joy of getting to ride quite a few. However, the most magical memory of Jackson’s trip was visiting Universal Studios. Once walking in to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, he was so excited to see the Hogwarts Express.  This connected with his love of trains and made it a highlight of his trip. He was even given his own wand through a private wand ceremony. This was a truly amazing end to a once in a lifetime experience.

According to Jackson’s mother, at a glance one would never know the obstacles that Jackson once dealt with regarding his condition. He is constantly beaming with happiness and excitement and is a tremendous help at home with his younger sister, Stella. As he prepares for his first appointment in the Survivors Clinic at his hospital. Jackson will soon be heading towards the major milestone of starting Kindergarten.

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