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Jenna Dreams of Disney

Jenna could not have asked for a better wish!

“ It was the best week ever! ”

- Jenna's mother

Four-year-old Jenna was battling leukemia when she decided on her wish experience - a trip to Disney! She and her family had the time of their lives during this amazing adventure.

Jenna is a four-year-old girl who loves animals and playing outdoors!  Being diagnosed with leukemia has been a tremendous challenge for Jenna and her family, so having her wish granted to go to Disney World® was a dream come true!  Jenna loved every moment of her wish, including her visits to SeaWorld®, Animal Kingdom® and Hollywood Studios.  She and her family were able to stay at Give Kids the World Village®, a special resort exclusively for wish families.  Both Jenna and her brother got to feed the dolphins at SeaWorld, which was a highlight for both kids.  Jenna also loved meeting all of the characters at the theme parks and took plenty of great pictures!  During her trip, Jenna  rode a horse for the first time, which was one of her favorite memories.

Jenna’s mom shared, “It was all perfect, from the villa we stayed in, to all of the activities at the Village.  It was the best week ever!  Throughout the year, we have had so many dates to remember: hospital visits, blood transfusions, tests, pediatrician visits and start dates for different medications.   This was the first time we had a fun day to count down to.  We are so thankful for the week we had and the memories we will hold forever.”

  • Jenna had the time of her life!

  • Jenna loved her wish experience!

  • Jenna's wish to go to Disney World

  • Jenna met her favorite characters!

  • Jenna got to meet Mickey!

  • Jenna got to meet Disney characters!

  • Jenna rode a horse at Disney World!

  • Jenna's wish to go to Disney World

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Farren Francis

I met Jenna's father during a ride at Hollywood studios. I had been studying their green shirts in line while we all waited to go on "Soarin." I asked her dad what the shirts were about when we were about to take our seats. I was between my husband and the gentleman in the green shirt. He pointed to his beautiful daughter beside of him and told she was on her "make a wish" trip and that she had leukemia. I was shocked, she seemed so happy, a little worn out from the sun, but looked like any other child. His comment continues to stay in my mind when I think and see little girls- especially during the duration of our trip.

Jenna and her father have been on my mind this evening and I hope this finds them both well. I'm sure I won't ever forget the day that I "met" her and spoke with her father. What an inspiration she is. She will always be in my prayers.

August 15, 2013 - 6:50 AM

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