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Julia Hangs Ten in Hawaii

Julia and 'Flipper' had a great time!

“ The wish experience produces so many positive memories. ”

- 99% of parents interviewed

Julia and her family visited Hawaii and had the ultimate travel experience. While on the island, they swam with dolphins, attended a traditional luau, hiked through volcanos and so much more!

Hawaii is a popular vacation destination for many people who are interested in seeing the beaches, learning about the culture and experiencing the islands. But for Make-A-Wish Georgia’s wish child, Julia, it was so much more than just a vacation. Eleven-year-old Julia suffers from acute lymphatic leukemia. This particular type of cancer arises from the white blood cells in the bone marrow.   Her wish to travel to Hawaii with her family provided an escape from the daily ins and outs of battling leukemia, and the stresses that an illness can place on a family.

Make-A-Wish volunteers visited with Julia to help her determine her ultimate wish.  She shared her passions for swimming, horseback riding and spending time at the beach, which led to her choosing a trip to Hawaii!  Julia was able to forget about her day-to-day medical challenges as she snorkeled with sea turtles, swam with dolphins and visited animals at the zoo. She saw a waterfall in a natural rainforest, hiked across volcanoes and trekked through the tropical islands of Hawaii. Make-A-Wish was able to provide Julia with a reprieve from her daily medical challenges and give her an unforgettable experience that she will treasure forever!

  • Julia loved the opportunity to swim with the dolphins!

  • The locals taught Julia how to 'hang ten!'

  • Julia and her family hiked to the top of some of the most amazing waterfalls.

  • Julia loved spending time in the gorgeous waters of Hawaii!

  • What an amazing time!

  • Julia found lots of beautiful tropical fish!

  • Aloha, Julia!

  • Julia and 'Flipper' had a great time!

  • Julia and her family enjoyed their reprieve

  • Julia was so happy that her wish came true!

This wish experience provided us with the opportunity to do something that would not have otherwise been likely or even possible. ”

— 97% of wish parents

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