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Justin shines in Alaska

Justin wished to go to Alaska and see the Northern Lights

“ There was not one particular part that [Justin] enjoyed more than another, it was so great all around. ”


Justin battles a brain tumor that effects his life in many ways. He is slowly losing his sight and his motor skills, but still yearns to live a normal and fun life. Justin is unique in every way. From his caring spirit, to his ability to see the good in everyone, Justin is always trying to give back. He puts others before himself even when he is the one who needs to be taken care of.

His mom said, “He grows his hair out every 2 years and he donates it. It doesn’t matter to him that you can see his scar from the surgeries he has had.” Justin is always lending a helping hand or sharing his beautiful heart with the people around him. 

Justin's Wish

Justin’s family is very important to him. He has a lot of siblings and wanted to be able to spend time with all of them. Justin experienced the loss of one of his brothers 10 years ago, and they had always dreamed of seeing the Northern Lights together. When Justin was asked for his one true wish, he chose to go to Alaska with his whole family to see the Northern Lights. While in Alaska, he also wanted to go dog sledding and ride on a snow mobile. 

All of the Lights

Justin, his mother, father, sister and five brothers all flew to Fairbanks, Alaska to start their trip of a lifetime! They experienced so many cool things while on their trip including dog sledding, seeing the Northern Lights, taking a snowmobile tour, meeting Santa Clause and even a private tour around the local fire station!

Justin’s mother remembers, “There was not one particular part that he enjoyed more than another, it was so great all around.” She describes her favorite moment as, “When we saw the Northern Lights, Justin held his hands up in the air and talked to his brother who passed away and it was such a special moment.” 

Power of a Wish

Justin was able to spend time with his family, relax, have fun and experience something he had never experienced before. He came back with a new sense of strength to push through his condition and live life to the fullest. He and his family all agreed that it was the trip of a lifetime! 

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