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Madeline in Paris

Madeline Harris

“ I would love to live in France some day or even study abroad there when I’m in college! ”

- Madeline

Madeline has always been fascinated with the French language and culture, so when she started high school, her foreign language choice came naturally – French. Now, as a junior in high school, Madeline is in French 5.

Diagnosed with Cancer

Out of the blue, Madeline noticed a large bruise on her left leg, but thought nothing of it. Three days later, her leg was causing her so much pain that she was unable to walk. Madeline’s mom rushed her to the emergency room.

After multiple scans, numerous doctor visits and a biopsy, Madeline was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer. As traumatic as it was for Madeline to learn that she had cancer, she faced it with a determined and positive attitude!

Give to Wishes Like Madeline's

A Parisian Dream Comes True 

Madeline has always dreamed of visiting Paris. She wanted to personally experience a culture that she adores.  Make-A-Wish Georgia was determined to make her dream come true!

Madeline left for Paris, with her mom, dad and brother, excited to be submerged into a culture she loves so dearly. When Madeline and her family arrived, the first activity on their agenda was a Paris L’Open bus tour, where they were able to see Paris from a unique perspective.

The other days were filled with museum tours, delicious food and a fabulous tour of the Eiffel Tower. Madeline’s favorite experience was the Sienne River Cruise she and her family went on, the night of Bastille Day! While on the river cruise, they saw a firework show over the Eiffel Tower. “It was truly amazing,” said Madeline’s mom.

The Power of a Wish

Although Madeline’s trip is over and she is home in the United States, she has yet to stop talking about her experience in Paris. She even created a presentation of her trip to share with her French class at the start of the school year. 

“The things she is learning in her French class mean so much more to her now that she has been to Paris,” said Madeline’s mom.

Madeline came back from Paris more smitten with it than ever and is already ready to go back! “I would love to live in France some day or even study abroad there when I’m in college,” exclaimed Madeline. Her trip and the time spent with her family is something she will cherish forever.

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