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Mallory Cruises with Disney

Mallory Hall

“ This was so impactful to Mallory. ”

- Mallory's mom

At only 10 days old, Mallory contracted a virus that attacked her heart. Immediately, Mallory was hooked up to a machine that assisted the functioning of her heart and lungs for 10 days.

The machine was supposed to give her heart a break in hopes of getting stronger, but unfortunately doctors saw no improvement.  Soon after, Mallory’s parents came to the understanding that a heart transplant was necessary to keep their precious baby alive.

After six weeks in the hospital, Mallory’s family was finally able to bring their new born home. Mallory’s family was constantly in and out of the hospital and it was rare for the four of them to all be together.

Mallory was on the waiting list for a heart donor for over two years. After her long-awaited operation, there was a noticeable difference in this thriving four-year-old. Her fingers were pink again; she finally had an appetite and simply looked alive and well. It was truly a miracle.

When Mallory met with her wish granting volunteers, they immediately saw her admiration for Mickey Mouse. Right after her third birthday, Mallory knew exactly what she wanted for her wish—to go on a Disney Cruise!

The cruise was absolutely amazing, according to Mallory’s mom. “Every day was so special and full of surprises.” The crew went the extra mile to make Mallory’s wish extraordinary. Mallory’s favorite part of her wish was her special one-on-one meet and greet with Mickey Mouse! She took lots of fun photos, got to meet princesses and even swam with dolphins.

Now, Mallory has had her new heart for a little over a year. She’s gone from taking eight daily medications to three, which will be taken the rest of her life. Thankfully, her doctor visits are becoming further and further apart as well. Mallory is a growing young girl and is starting pre-school soon. Although she might need another heart transplant one day, she’s taking each day with a smile.

Mallory and her family are beyond thankful her wish allowed their family to be together—something they didn’t have much throughout Mallory’s endless hospital visits. “This was so impactful to Mallory.” Her mom spoke about how much of a family-girl Mallory is, she always wants the four of them to be together.

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