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Molly Has an Awesome Time at Disney

Molly wears her Mickey Mouse ears

“ Everything was awesome! ”

- Molly, wish kid

Molly is an energetic four-year-old who suffers from Mitochondrial disease, which is a genetic disorder that prevents a body’s cells from functioning properly. She comes from a very big family – Molly is the youngest of eight children. Her seven brothers and sisters range from ages 14 to 5.

For her wish, Molly explained that she wanted to visit Disney world “because it will be so much fun and it’s awesome!” One specific element that Molly wanted on her wish was to wear a pink tiara while traveling to Disney.

On the list of characters Molly hoped to meet while in Disney included Olaf the talking snowman from Frozen, Emmett from the Lego Movie and, of course, Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

The family of ten flew down to Florida and stayed for a week in Give Kids the World Village, which the family called “a magical dreamland.” Best of all, they met up with Molly’s grandparents, who live near Orlando.

With her big family in tow, Molly journeyed through Disney World, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and Legoland. Molly also got to spend time at SeaWorld where she got to meet her favorite animal – a dolphin.

“There honestly aren’t words to describe how amazing the trip was,” said Molly’s mom. “Everyone was all smiles, every single day.” When asked to describe her wish, Molly quoted from one of her favorite films – The Lego Movie: “Everything was awesome!”

  • Molly's big family

  • Molly is excited to learn about her trip to Disney

  • Molly relaxing with some friends

  • Molly even flew the plane to Orlando

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