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Shawna Walks the Red Carpet

Shawna Miller

“ It was just an awesome experience. The timing was perfect and it could not have been better! ”

- Shawna's mom

Shawna is as girly as a girl could be. She’s a social butterfly and has grown to love keeping up with celebrity’s lifestyles ever since she was bedridden with leukemia.

After she was diagnosed in June of 2014, Shawna went into immediate, intensive treatment. She spent one whole year of her life in and out of the hospital; it was very exhaustive. She wasn’t capable of doing much after her diagnosis, so she spent most of her time in the hospital watching movies and television series.

Thankfully, Shawna has been doing much better since she went into maintenance treatment and has had good prognosis. This has resulted in little to no hospital visits and a somewhat “normal” life.

Ever since Shawna spent all that time watching endless movies and television series while in the hospital, she became interested in the celebrity lifestyle.

She wanted to know what it felt like to have the “star treatment” these celebrities experienced on a daily basis. This is what led to her wish to go to the People’s Choice Awards in Los Angeles, California. She and her mother flew out to California to get a feel of what it’s like to be a celebrity on the red carpet.

Prior to the People’s Choice Awards show, a professional makeup artist came to doll Shawna up for her big night. Shawna had her hair and makeup complete and red carpet ready!

Shawna got to experience more than just the show; she experienced everything behind the scenes as well. She met Kate Hudson, Jack Black, Vanessa Hudgens and so many more celebrities!

After an exciting day experiencing the People’s Choice Awards, Shawna and her mother ended the trip with a fun day at Universal Studios theme park. Shawna’s wish was definitely full of memories and experiences that will last forever.

Because of her wish experience, Shawna has grown interested in pursuing a future of adventure and excitement, just like her experience at the People’s Choice Awards Show.

“It was just an awesome experience. Timing was perfect and it could not have been better!” said Shawna’s mother. It’s safe to say the memories from Shawna’s wish are memories that will last a lifetime!

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