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Shuron's Hawaiian Reprieve

Shuron's wish to go to Hawaii TSS Photography

“ This time away was the literally the best time of my life. ”

- Shuron, wish child

When sixteen-year-old Shuron was offered the opportunity to wish for something truly special, she took her time deciding what that might be. After years of battling her illness, missing school and missing out on some of life's greatest experiences, she decided that her greatest wish was for the chance to get away from it all.

Sixteen-year-old Shuron suffers from a rare condition called intestinal lymphangiectasia.  This is an abnormal absorption in the intestinal tract that robs her body of key nutrients.  Over the past four years, she has endured countless tests and treatments, receiving nightly infusions to replenish calcium, potassium and other nutrients that her body discards rather than absorbs.  When asked what her one heartfelt wish might be, Shuron said she just wanted to go ‘far, far away’ from bone scans, MRIs, CAT scans, needles, lab work and hospitals.  She dreamed of a tropical getaway where she could relax under the golden sun and not worry about anything related to her illness. After considering all of her options, she decided that she wanted to take a trip to Hawaii!  Shuron and her family were whisked away to the beautiful island of Waikoloa, Hawaii, where they had an opportunity to visit volcanoes, enjoy plenty of beach time, swim with the dolphins and eat some of the best seafood the island had to offer!  “It was time together with my family - just the four of us, far away, which is just what I wanted,” Shuron said.  Make-A-Wish® Georgia was grateful to have been able to provide this reprieve for Shuron and her family.  They were able to regroup while away from their daily medical challenges and will have memories from this experience to last a lifetime. 

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