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Trevor Goes West on a Train

Trevor Harris

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Growing up in a family of military veterans, Trevor has always had a love for the United States of America. Trevor’s parents have made a dedicated effort to teach him the importance of patriotism; even his books before bedtime frequently involved patriotic themes. 

Trevor’s love for his country regularly inspires him to travel beyond his home state of Georgia.

Living with a Critical Illness

Trevor was born with a rare blood disorder, which causes bone marrow failure. However, his condition did not show symptoms until he was eight.

For the past two years, Trevor’s life has been very different than an average kid. His medical condition kept him from playing on the playground and participating in physical education at school.

In June 2015, Trevor had a bone marrow transplant in Cincinnati, Ohio. He had to be in isolation for a year, which resulted in him being homeschooled for fourth grade. It was difficult for Trevor to not be at school with his friends.

A Taste for Adventure

Trevor was officially released from isolation in June 2016 and he was more excited than ever for an adventure. Trevor loves to explore new places and see new things, and he has always been an old-soul. A conversation with his grandfather sparked some curiosity in him. He wanted to explore and see what his country had to offer.

For his wish, Trevor didn’t follow the typical pattern of most wish children. His wish was unique. Trevor decided he wanted to travel out west, not by plane, but by train!

“Trevor loves trains and always has,” said Trevor’s mother.

All Aboard for a Wish

From the moment Trevor and his family arrived at the train station, Amtrak made Trevor feel like a true crew member. Amtrak even had a crew member outfit ready for him when he boarded–necktie and all! Trevor had Amtrak’s undivided attention, and he was beside himself with excitement.

Trevor’s train expedition journeyed to some of the country’s most renowned and spectacular national parks. Yellowstone was Trevor’s favorite stop. He was mesmerized by the thermal features of the park.

“I could see him processing, wondering, and marveling at the scopes of everything we were seeing,” said Trevor’s mother.

The Power of a Wish

Seeing his country had a huge impact on Trevor and his younger sister. They were able to better grasp the American dream, and their love for the United States of America grew tremendously. The experience expanded Trevor’s mind to infinite possibilities.

When Trevor and his family got home, he started talking about a future career with Amtrak. Trevor was inspired, and the trip impacted his life more then he and his family ever expected.

“The trip was top notch,” said Trevor’s mother. “Everyone laid out the red carpet for us, and made sure Trevor had everything he wanted. It was so amazing.”

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