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Level up! A basketball gaming wish goes next level

  • William’s wish brought him confidence and strength again.

  • William was the first ever non-NBA player to be in a NBA 2K game!

  • William and his family had an incredible time on his wish trip!

  • Exploring California together brought memories to last a lifetime.

  • William made new friends in the NBA 2K staff!

“ They took his wish to a level
we never expected! ”

- Julie, Will's Mom

When William was just 18 months old, he went into heart failure. It was a shock for his entire family and created uncertainty for William’s future. After countless tests, William was diagnosed with a genetic disorder that causes muscle weakness and heart problems.

Although William’s medical condition took away his ability to play sports like other boys his age, it didn’t stop him from growing his competitive spirit. Once William discovered NBA 2K, a popular basketball videogame, everything changed. Gaming gave him a chance to just be a kid again and NBA 2K became one of William’s favorite past times. His mom says he’s crazy good at it, too!

It was no surprise that when William was given the chance to make his most heartfelt wish come true, he wished for a chance to visit 2K headquarters in California.


William’s wish would take him and his family to Northern California. Before his wish day, William and his family spent a day sightseeing in San Francisco. Although seeing the Golden Gate Bridge was fun; for William, nothing would come close to the experience he had on 2K day! His wish had finally arrived.

When William and his family arrived at 2K headquarters, staff welcomed them with open arms. The 2K board of directors held a special meeting just for William. There, he provided his personal feedback on the games while developers took copious notes. He was also able to go through all the processes necessary to be in an NBA 2K game. But he wasn’t just doing it for fun...

William’s wish culminated with him learning that he’ll be the first ever playable non-NBA player to be in an NBA 2K game! William’s wish was life changing. It allowed him and his family to have hope and joy again. Now that William has the strength to fight his disorder, he’s setting his eyes on a new wish to accomplish. He now wants to work for 2K when he grows up!

William’s wish was so much more than any of us expected! We saw smiles and felt things we haven’t in a long time. ”

— Julie, Will's Mom

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