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Zachary goes to Summer Slam

Zach meets John Cena

“ Zachary’s life changed in New York because it gave him joy and strength! ”

For wish kids, waiting for their wish is like waiting for Christmas morning. It is a time filled with great anticipation and excitement that seems to go by at a glacial pace. Zachary from Pooler, Georgia. was no exception.

At eight years old, Zachary could find his name on a few lists. One of those lists was to receive a kidney transplant as a treatment for his cancer. The other equally exciting list was to attend Wrestlemania 2015. It was a lot of waiting for a boy so young!

Christmas morning came early for Zachary and with a better present than even Santa could bring. Zachary received a kidney!  Because he was in recovery, he was not able to attend Wrestlemania 2015, but instead he would go next year.

Zachary was torn. He was grateful to receive the transplant that would save his life, but he was also devastated after waiting so long to attend Wrestlemania and to see his favorite WWE superstars live in action.

There was no way he could wait until next year; he was just too excited! So Zachary decided to change his wish to attend Summer Slam 2015. The summer would come much faster than the following spring!

Zachary waited eagerly once again for the time to arrive. In the end of August, he and his family traveled to New York for a trip of a lifetime. Zachary went well prepared for his wish. He sported a red Mohawk, just like the Irish wrestler Sheamus.

Zachary’s wish was granted above and beyond what he could imagine when he arrived at Summer Slam 2015. He was given his very own bright orange John Cena gear and spent the evening watching all the action take place, not in front of his TV, but right in front of the ring.

Big things happened in New York that week. John Cena granted his 500th wish, the most of any celebrity in Make-A-Wish history and Zachary’s wish was a part of it. Not only is Cena one of the most prolific wish granters, he is also Zachary’s favorite WWE wrestler.Their trip to New York included ringing the bell at the New York Stock Exchange with John Cena and Stephanie McMahon, attending a party at Dave and Busters in honor of John Cena’s 500th wish, a scavenger hunt at the NY Historical Society, a boat tour along the Hudson River to see the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty and riding to the top of Rockefeller Center to see the views of the New York skyline and Central Park.

They practically covered all of New York City, but their fun wasn’t yet exhausted, and good thing because the best was saved for last.

Zachary’s life changed in New York because it gave him the joy and strength to stay confident in his recovery, and that’s something you just can’t get on Christmas morning. 

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