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Zayden Blasts Off

Zayden Wright

First Ever Virtual Reality Wish!

- #ZaydensMission

Small Boy, Big Heart

When Zayden was two days old, he was diagnosed with a congenital heart disease that required over 40 surgeries. Although he faces daily challenges, Zayden retains the outgoing spirit, energetic personality and infinite imagination of an extraordinary seven-year-old. 

When asked what he wanted in the entire world, Zayden shared his wish to blast off into outer space and visit Saturn in a red rocket ship. This was the start of Zayden’s Mission!

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Granting an Impossible Wish

Tasked with fulfilling a seemingly impossible wish, Make-A-Wish Georgia reached out to a community of supporters. With their help, it became clear that virual reality (VR) would be the best way to grant Zayden's wish. A local virtual reality and 3D animation studio, TRICK 3D went to work to fulfill Zayden’s wish, while at the same time granting the first virtual reality wish ever.

Inspired by Zayden himself, TRICK 3D is bringing every detail of Zayden's wish to life, including the introduction of BeeBo, Zayden's friendly alien. 

Zayden Wright

Preparing for Blast Off

Naturally, one can’t blast off to outer space (even virtually) without expert astronaut training. Former NASA astronaut, Commander LeRoy Chiao heard about Zayden’s wish and joined the effort. Commander Chiao led Zayden through “astronaut training” to prepare for his mission.

On May 1, Commander Chiao accompanied Commander Zayden on his expedition to Saturn, departing from Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Atlanta.

Zayden’s wish is just one of the 350 wishes Make-A-Wish Georgia will grant for children and families in need just this year. This wish represents the first VR wish granted ever and exemplifies the strength of building communities of people around wishes to make the impossible possible.

Turn Wishes Into Reality 

Zayden Wright

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