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Andrew gets a game room

Andrew Lovin

“ Andrew’s wish made him feel extremely special. ”

Andrew is a 13-year-old twin who loves to play video games in his spare time. He also plays tennis and enjoys reading.

Andrew was born pre-maturely with malfunctioning kidneys. During the first year of his life, his kidneys would improve, then plateau. His condition went back and forth until his family moved to Georgia in 2014. 

At that time, Andrew suddenly found out he was in the final stage of renal failure. Andrew had to immediately proceed with a kidney transplant. Now, Andrew goes to kidney clinics twice a month and will be required to take medication every morning and night for the rest of his life.

While in the hospital recovering from surgery, Andrew received news that his wish was being granted! Andrew’s mom described this as one of the most impactful and unforgettable moments through his journey. It was as if a fire was lit inside of him.

Andrew put a lot of thought into his wish. He didn’t want something temporary, such as a trip; he wanted something that he could continue to enjoy for many years. Andrew loves having his own area to hang out, play games and read, so a game room remodel was the perfect wish.

Andrew’s new game room is nothing short of awesome! On one wall of the room, there is a painted mural of the Wii-U gaming system to give the game room a realistic feel to the Wii games he enjoys playing. The room came complete with a new cozy bed and awesome new furniture to display all of Andrew’s trophies and books. 

The game room is now Andrew’s own comfortable and cool space. It’s like having his own little get away! Andrew’s wish made him feel extremely special. 

Although he has struggled with his kidney problems all of his life, his parents have still tried to make his life seem as normal as possible. Andrew goes to school, does his homework and participates in church and other activities. But something as special as Andrew’s wish made him feel unique. It gave him a chance to feel excited for something in the midst of all the struggles he’s been through.

Recently, Andrew's condition has improved and hasn’t experienced as many down days like after his kidney transplant. Although Andrew’s illness is a chronic condition to monitor and maintain, he has learned to embrace the life he has been given.

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