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Ashley Gets a Golf Cart

Ashley collage

“ Her golf cart brings a lot of joy to her life. ”

- Ashley's mom

A Life of Constant Worry

Ashley is a smart, fun and bubbly girl from Cobb County. She enjoys being outside, watching movies and now she enjoys driving around in her brand new golf cart!

When asked about her one true wish, Ashley said, “I’m always trying to find something to drive, I love to drive!”

Ashley battles an autoimmune disorder, which affects her life in so many ways. She endures weakness, shortness of breath, twice a week infusions and has the constant worry of her illness getting worse. 

Ashley Takes Control

Ashley’s wish came from her longing to be independent. Her illness is something that is completely out of her hands, and therefore, she wanted something that was all hers and she could control.

“She drives her golf cart every day that she feels well. She says it takes her mind off all the doctor visits and treatments,” Ashley’s mom said.

Her golf cart was made by Specialty Car Company and completely personalized with Ashley’s seal of approval. Ashley chose her favorite color, teal, for the body of the cart and then added her monogram, white seats and a bow to finish off the whole thing. She was over the moon about the finished product.

The Impact of a Wish

“Thank you so much for making my girl feel so special, loved and awesome. She says her golf cart brings a lot of joy to her life,” Ashley’s mom gushes.

Ashley loves driving her golf cart to the bus stop to pick up her sister, finding new roads to explore with her friends and to just get away from the realities of living with a critical illness. Her wish brought her new hope for the future and a whole lot of joy. 

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