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Callie's New Best Friend

Callie and her new best friend, Doodle Dandy. Naturally Posh Photography

“ Doodle Dandy has changed my life forever. ”

- Callie, wish kid

Eleven-year-old Callie has battled congenital anomalies all her life. In her spare time, Callie enjoys many of the things that other kids her age love to do. However, because of her illness, she has to take additional precautionary measures to ensure her safety. Callie suffers from visual-spacial challenges, many cardiac problems and can experience multiple seizures per day.

All of these things being considered, she felt that the greatest wish that she could ask for would be a service dog! Callie wished for a golden doodle service puppy, who would be trained to accompany her and help provide her with additional independence. With her new best friend, Callie is receiving additional support for the treatment of her medical condition, and joy that will impact her life for years to come.

We were able to grant Callie's wish with the support of Strait Talk Wireless, and produce this great video, which shares how much "Doodle Dandy" has already impacted Callie's life.

  • Callie with her friends and family.

  • Callie and her new best friend, Doodle Dandy.

  • Callie's new labradoodle puppy, Doodle Dandy.

  • Callie petting Doodle Dandy.

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