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Harrison Gets a Tree House

Harrison Fitch

“ His wish created a level of happiness beyond belief. ”

- Harrison's parents

Even before he was born, doctors diagnosed Harrison with congenital heart disease. This rare congenital heart defect means that half of the heart is critically underdeveloped.

For this reason, Harrison had to undergo a number of heart surgeries before he turned four years old. That’s when wish granting volunteers first visited Harrison and his family to see what his wish would be.

Harrison’s parents knew their son was too young to determine a wish for himself. They asked the volunteers to return in a few years once Harrison had some time to grow and recover.

Sure enough, Make-A-Wish® Georgia paid another visit to Harrison years later and found a happy young boy who loved race cars, riding bicycles, watching Spongebob Squarepants and playing with his older brother.

At that point, Harrison knew exactly what his wish would be – an awesome backyard treehouse! He had played on a treehouse at a recent family vacation and wished for one of his own. He dreamed of having an overnight sleepover inside the treehouse and playing with all of his friends.

Harrison’s ideal treehouse would have a slide, rope swing, a trap door and a draw bridge. This dream was brought to life thanks in part to a generous grant from The Home Depot Foundation.

On Harrison’s seventh birthday, his wish granting volunteers revealed his very own tree house. Harrison and his friends had a blast exploring the new house and Harrison was even presented with the deed.

“We’ll never be able to express enough gratitude in words, given the magnitude and impact your foundation’s generous work has had on Harrison and our family,” said Harrison’s parents.

“Thank you for creating a level of happiness in our son that is beyond belief. This is not just any tree house, but a true masterpiece brought to life from inside the mind of our little boy.”

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