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A place to refresh and restore

A bathroom renovation for accessibility allows for wish kid Landon and his parents to enjoy with ease the comforts and necessities the peaceful room provides him.

“ This bathroom will empower Landon (and our family) to keep fighting. It has strengthened us. ”

- Michelle, Landon's mom

Before he was born, Landon was diagnosed with a heart condition, and doctors prepared the family for the worst. Landon was placed on the transplant list when he was just two weeks old, and at just over a month old, Landon received his second chance at life.

There were many set backs following his transplant that made life even more challenging for Landon and his family. But like he always did, Landon rose to the occasion and defied the odds. Through it all, Landon’s happiness and excitement outshines all the difficult circumstances he’s faced.

Although Landon is non-verbal, he communicates in his own unique way. Nothing brings him joy quite like being in the water. Showers and baths are Landon’s favorite part of the day, but because he relies on a wheelchair, it can be challenging for his family. Landon’s wish… to make it fun for everyone!


Before his wish, Landon’s bathroom was cramped, and his wheelchair wouldn’t fit. Today, he can roll with ease into a space that always calms him down. From a roll in shower to calming new paint colors, Landon has experienced so much more of life beyond his illness since his wish was granted.

“Whenever he’s upset or crying, taking him into the bathroom for a shower always calms him down,” said Landon’s mom.

Although he is still battling his condition, Landon has a space now that help him get through the difficult moments more quickly. That’s because when a wish is granted, a child battling a critical illness replaces sadness with joy.

“This bathroom has removed many barriers in Landon’s care,” said his mom.

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