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Ruby's Studio Sanctuary

Ruby's dream dances to life as she enjoys her new in-home dance studio.

Today, cancer was not the star of the show.

"Every kid out there that's in the hospital or anything - you're the strongest kids out there."
- Ruby

The Power of Dance
When Ruby was diagnosed with a rare cancer, everything around her changed; everything but her love for dance. In the midst of chemo treatments and hospital visits, dance gave Ruby hope. “I love to dance. Whenever I’m dancing I feel free - it’s like the closest thing to flying,” she said. So when it was time to choose a wish, Ruby knew she wanted something that would allow her to feel that freedom in the comfort of her own home. 

Day Dreaming
It has been 5 months since Ruby found out that her wish, for a Kate Spade-inspired dance studio, was coming true! “I was so moved by the strangers who came together for my reveal. They could have been at home finishing homework, but instead they were here for me, supporting me and giving me one of the best days of my life!” Wishes have the power to make the bad days better, even before the wish comes true. For Ruby, the anticipation of her very own dance studio gave her the strength to keep fighting. 

Wishes do Come True
On the day of Ruby’s wish, she was surrounded by family and friends. Fellow dancers lined her driveway with pom-poms as Ruby sprinted toward the room she had dreamed of. For the first time in months, cancer was not the star of the show. Today was about Ruby and her dance studio. When the doors opened, her heart swelled and tears rushed down her face. “It was like a miracle coming true. I felt like a real princess,” Ruby said.  Every detail of the room, from the fairy lights, to the quote on the wall, was designed with Ruby in mind. This studio was her new safe space. A place she could go when the days got tough and she wanted to feel free. 

A note from Ruby
“The reason God chose you to be in this fight is because he knew you could beat it, and only the strongest kids are going to have to go through this. To every kid out there that is in the hospital or anything, you are the strongest kids out there.”

  • Ruby wished for her very own dance studio in her basement.

  • She wanted it to be inspired by designer Kate Spade.

  • Sunshine on a Ranney Day and Make-A-Wish® Georgia worked together for Ruby’s perfect wish.

  • Every detail, from the barre on the wall to the boa at her dressing station were created with Ruby in mind.

  • R is for princess Ruby!

  • Wishes bring Hope, Strength, and Transformation to wish kids and their communities.

  • Ruby’s dance studio will be a safe space where she can feel like a kid again.

  • And remember that anything is possible!

  • Ruby was surrounded by her family and friends on her wish day.

  • Her Wish Community was so excited for her!

  • Thank you to everyone who made Ruby’s wish possible!

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