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Wyatt Wishes For a Playhouse

Wyatt Hatcher

“ Wyatt wanted a place where he could do crafts and play Minecraft! ”


Six-year-old Wyatt is a builder, his construction of choice…Minecraft. Legos are fun, too, but nothing is better to Wyatt than Minecraft. When his creative juices start to flow, Wyatt gets to the computer to build his latest design, even if that means waking up in the middle of the night and sneaking to the computer!

Wyatt suffers from congenital heart disease and recently underwent a heart transplant. Because of his condition, he is not able to spend long periods of time outside in extreme cold or heat; hence his love for indoor activities. Wyatt wished for a playhouse where he could do crafts and play Minecraft. So the theme of the playhouse of course had to be based on Minecraft!

Family and friends gathered at Wyatt’s house for the ribbon cutting ceremony for his brand new playhouse. Wyatt received the deed to the property and cut the ribbon with his Minecraft sword. Guests wrote letters to Wyatt and put them in his very own mailbox. Not only did Zaxby’s cater Wyatt’s party, but also a dozen of their employees attended the event to serve the food and play with the children.

Thanks to K&W Home Services, Wyatt now has a bright blue playhouse that sits in his backyard. Inside, there is a table for him to draw, paint, and color, a treasure chest filled with puzzles and games and a couch for him to sit and relax after a long day of hard work. There are swings off the side for when he’s hit a creativity block and even a slide out the back for an easy escape when his mom calls him inside for dinner.

Wyatt spends many hours outside in his playhouse. It gives him the escape from doctor’s appointments, and the hardships of congenital heart disease. Wyatt’s playhouse gives him a place where his creativity can flow freely and where he can take his time to carefully craft his masterpieces.

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