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Addison Meets a Unicorn

Addison meets the unicorn. Kevin Lubera

“ Addison believes pink unicorns live in a magic rainforest. ”

Addison is a lively, energetic, and creative six-year-old! Because she is battling leukemia, Make-A-Wish® Georgia had the chance to meet with Addison and discover what her most heartfelt wish experience might be.

Addison quickly said that she wanted to go to Hawaii, which is a typical location for most wishes.  However, her wish had one slight difference — she wanted to see a pink unicorn! Addison believes that pink unicorns live in a special rainforest in Hawaii.

With the assistance of Make-A-Wish® Hawaii, we were able to bring her wish to life. Actors and actresses from Diamond Head Theatre joined in to help create Addison’s experience. According to the script they created for the day, Addison had three main tasks to fulfill on her quest: find the sweetest fruit, the prettiest flower and sing a song to release the magical unicorn.

Once all three tasks were accomplished, she would successfully free the “Queen of Arboretia,” who had been kidnapped for taking too much from the land. When Addison finally saw the unicorn, the smile on her face lit up the entire island! With just a little team work and a lot of imagination, a little girl’s most heartfelt wish was able to come true.

  • Addison wishes to meet a pink unicorn.

  • Addison meets the unicorn.

  • Addison riding the pink unicorn.

  • Addison with members of the Diamond Head Theatre in Hawaii.

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