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Andrew meets beloved Mickey Mouse

  • Wish kid Andrew shares his Mickey ears during his wish trip to meet Mickey Mouse.

  • Andrew and his family prepare for their trip to Walt Disney World®.

  • Wish kid Andrew dreaming about his wish.

  • Andrew learns that his wish will come true!

“ I got a little choked up walking through Magic Kingdom. His sweet little face was lit up so often! ”

- Chasity, Andrew's Mom

Before Andrew was born, he was diagnosed with congenital heart disease. His journey has not been an easy one. Not even one year into life, he went through multiple surgeries that resulted in many complications. At one point, he was even given a one percent chance to survive.

After his third open-heart surgery, a broken leg led to the discovery that he was in heart failure again. Andrew was placed on new medications, which greatly improved his health. He’s been doing well ever since!  His doctors and family are surprised that his little heart has endured for this long and cheer him on each day. 

Almost an entire year of Andrew’s life has been spent within hospital walls. During these times, the family missed out on many special events, such as graduations and first days of school. Everyone’s thoughts were preoccupied with medical treatments and upcoming appointments. He has not had the chance to be a normal kid.


When Andrew’s wish granting volunteers met with him, his love for Mickey Mouse was undeniable! Walt Disney World® was the obvious choice. Because Andrew was not medically cleared to fly, his family was excited to experience a road trip together! Upon arrival, they settled into a magnificent villa at the Give Kids the World Village®. Andrew’s favorite part of the village was the free ice cream he ate every night.

Every morning, Andrew woke up and said, “I can’t believe I am going to Disney World. I’m so excited!” During his visit to the parks, he finally got to meet who he came for: Mickey Mouse! Although he was shy meeting him, Andrew’s mom said he still has not stopped talking about it. When riding his favorite ride, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Andrew’s face was joyous and carefree. His mom said, “I never dreamed we would get to experience things like this with him. He wasn’t supposed to make it twice. It was a beautiful moment to cherish!”

Not only did Andrew get to experience the magic of Disney World, he also visited Universal Studios® and Sea World®. On all the rides, he would toss his hands in the air without a worry in the world. For the first time since Andrew’s diagnosis, Andrew got to be a normal kid and spend quality time with his family that left them with memories for years to come.

I never dreamed we would get to experience things like this with him. He wasn’t supposed to make it twice. ”

— Andrew's Mom

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