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Burke meets the Ninja Turtles

Burke Bowie

“ His wish lifted his spirits. This is something he will always remember. ”

- Burke's mom

In 2014, Burke had a fever that spiked to 103 degrees on and off for six whole weeks. Burke and his parents were in and out of the hospital the following months.

His doctors thought he had a viral infection, but he never got better after taking medication. Burke was admitted to the hospital, because his left eye was swollen shut. As Burke struggled with his eye, he continued to suffer from fevers and complained of back and joint pain as well. 

The doctors ruled out leukemia, but the news they had to give his parents were even more heartbreaking. Burke was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in February 2015. After an MRI scan, the doctors found that he had groups of cancer cells on his bone and a soft ball sized tumor on his tiny kidney.

Throughout Burke’s battle, he was able to regain some of his happiness a young boy deserves. After watching countless Disney videos on YouTube, Burke knew he wanted to do the same thing. Not only did Burke wish to go to Disney World, he specifically wanted to see the Ninja Turtles and that’s exactly what Make-A-Wish Georgia made into a reality!

Burke, his parents and two siblings had a blast! They loved meeting the characters like Cinderella, Chewbacca and Mickey Mouse. Most importantly, Burke was able to meet his favorite characters: the Ninja Turtles. He was star struck!

“His wish lifted his spirits; it showed a different side of him,” Burke’s mother said. “There were no reminders of him being sick. This is something he will always remember.”

Burke is still on a high from his trip. He may have gone through a series of rounds of chemotherapy, but he is a trooper. Burke started with 22 spots of cancer and is now down to only two! Make-A-Wish Georgia hopes that after his wish, Burke's hope, strength and joy will grow as he continues to fight to be cancer free.

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