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Felicity Meets Her Favorite Princess

Felicity met her favorite princesses!

“ Felicity was all smiles the entire trip. ”

Felicity has always dreamed of becoming a princess. She loves to play ‘ballerina,’ listen to Disney music and loves her princess dolls. She admires Cinderella, Jasmine and Snow White so much that she wants to become friends with them, but nothing compares to her love for Rapunzel!

Five-year-old Felicity suffers from a brain tumor. 

When Make-A-Wish® Georgia volunteers visited Felicity to help determine her most heartfelt wish, they asked her to show them some of her favorite things. She showed them her collection of dolls and Disney items, including her favorite movie, Tangled. She loves all of the Disney princesses, but none of them could compare to her love for Rapunzel!

She was overjoyed when she heard that she was going to have the opportunity to meet all of her favorite princesses, and the star of her favorite Disney movie!

When she arrived at Disneyland, Make-A-Wish had a purple dress identical to Rapunzel’s, waiting for her to change into, and she had a complete princess makeover!  Felicity baked pink cupcakes that she and the princesses could eat together, and she put on a special ballet performance for them.

Make-A-Wish Georgia was elated to have granted Felicity her most heartfelt wish, which allowed her to meet all of the princesses she adores so much – and become one herself!

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