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Xavier's Wish to Meet the Pope

Xavier received a blessing from the Pope!

“ A wish come true can impact a child's health outcomes. ”

- 2011 Wish Impact Study

While recovering from brain surgery and multiple neurological treatments, Xavier dreamed of one day seeing one of the biggest public figures in the world – the Pope. And on this day, at the Vatican, he received so much more!

Xavier and mom

The Papal Audience ended. Hundreds of visitors begin departing the Vatican in swarms. Among them is Xavier, who has traveled far from Georgia for this special occasion. But he’s not ready to leave – not just yet.

Amid the crowds and clamor of the event, Xavier’s father wheels him closer to the Pope until he is directly in front of him. After a few words, Pope Benedict XVI honors Xavier with a kiss on the forehead!

Xavier and his family have so many memories from their Make-A-Wish® trip to Italy to fulfill his greatest wish. Aside from sampling famous cuisine, observing the beautiful historical architecture and shopping, they encountered something so rare and special. Not only does the wish impact Xavier, but also his family. His dad describes it as “one of the greatest experiences of our lives.”

  • Xavier got to see many historical sites during his wish trip.

  • candles

  • The streets of Rome were fascinating!

  • Xavier received a blessing from the Pope!

  • Xavier visited many historical sites during his trip

  • Xavier and his pilot pose for a shot!

This has been one of the greatest experiences of our lives. ”

— Xavier's father

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