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Wish Testimonials

Wish Kids

 Tim Samuel Tim, 19
I wish to meet Nike CEO, Mark Parker

“It was a once in a lifetime experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I learned so many things about Nike, Oregon, the world, personal character, myself, and the life I wish to live. The experience was eye-opening, perfectly executed, and life-changing because I will never be the same. I can't wait to donate my time and effort to Make-A-Wish Georgia in the future.”

 Jaylin Pounders Jaylin, 11
I wish to go to Atlantis

“Thank you so much for sending me and my family to Atlantis. It’s the best place in the world. I will never forget this in my whole life. You making my wish come true is the best.” 

Wish Parents

 Kim Bishop Kim
Son, Knox, wished to go to Disneyland

"We are truly blessed, humbled and grateful for all of the love, support and kindness our family has received from our community. We have always known the importance of giving back, but to know it from being the ones that actually receive it first-hand changes the dynamic exponentially.”

 Young Choi Yvette 
Daughter, Victoria, wished to go to South Korea

“We had a great time and enjoyed every single moment. Victoria got to meet all of her family and relatives and she was so loved by each one. We came back with unforgettable memories and tons of pictures. The words quite can't express how much we thank you. Simply, it's beyond thankfulness. We're forever grateful.”

Wish Siblings

 Justin Meinert Justin
Brother, Josiah, wished to go to Disney World

"My brother Josiah underwent open heart surgery to have a mechanical valve put in his heart. We have never had an experience like this in our family, and it was very nail-biting for all of us. [Make-A-Wish Georgia] stepped into our lives and gave us the chance to go to Disney World as a family for the first time. Make-A-Wish Georgia has brought comfort and safety to my brother and our lives as well.”


 Robby Burch Robby Burch

“Once you understand what Make-A-Wish Georgia does, it’s very easy to support. It’s all about the kids and it’s easy to raise money for children, especially in the situations that Make-A-Wish Georgia encounters them with. You really get that connection and know you’re doing a good thing for children and families who really need it.”

 Greg Palazzo Greg Palazzo

“It meant a lot to see the wish kids. Rarely do you get to see the folks that actually get touched by a charity. It’s special to hear them talk and see the smiles on their faces and know that they had a great experience.”


 Brooke Lambert Brook Lambert
Wish granting volunteer

“Working with Make-A-Wish Georgia is one of the best things I've ever done. Getting to know these sweet kids and hearing about what they want to wish for is so much fun. I haven't been working with Make-A-Wish Georgia long, but I've been trying to get involved with anything I can in my community. I can't wait to do more!”

 Matt Griffin Matt Griffin
Wish granting volunteer

“I get to meet and hang out with some pretty cool kids and start them on a journey to Disney or Hawaii, or help them meet their favorite pro wrestler or football team. Taking part in making these dream opportunities come true is pretty awesome, and I'm a little selfish with it. I just enjoy the heck out of it.”

Medical Professionals

 Lauren Foglegren Lauren Foglegren
physicians assistant, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

“The mental health of these children is just as important as the physical health. If they’re not in a good mental state, it’s hard for them to recover physically. To see the joy on these kid’s faces and the excitement when they’re looking forward to their wish is so rewarding for us to see. It’s amazing how a wish can make them feel so much better.”

 Katie Lawhead Katie Lawhead
childlife specalist, Georgia Health Sciences University

“I have seen Make-A-Wish Georgia impact children in so many different ways. When we start the conversation about Make-A-Wish with a child, they light up. This gives them something to look forward to. Talking about who they want to meet, where they want to go or what they want to do instantly brings a smile to the child's face.”

Board Members

 Tammy Farley Tammy Farley

“Once you’re involved, you can’t help but be touched by the mission. We had a wish kid come kick off our annual company meeting, which everyone said was their favorite part of the meeting. I was also recently trained as a wish granting volunteer and for me I think that’s going to be the best part of being involved with Make-A-Wish Georgia – meeting these kids and determining what their wish is.”

 Susan Been Susan Been
Wilson Parker Holmes

“Through my work with Make-A-Wish Georgia, I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet some incredibly amazing families. Some of those wish kids and their families have made a lasting impression on me and shaped me to be the person I am today.”


 Catherine Stapleton Catherine Stapleton
program services intern

“I wanted to intern with Make-A-Wish Georgia, because I knew it would be a rewarding experience. I wanted to help make a difference in these children’s lives. And I feel like I’m already doing that. Make-A-Wish Georgia is important within the community because we are giving these children and families hope that they can get through this.”

Staff Members

 Tim Earley Tim Earley
CEO, Make-A-Wish Georgia

“Before starting, I felt I had a basic awareness of what Make-A-Wish Georgia did. What I realize now is that there’s so much more to our story than just the wish. We do more than enrich, we restore. We restore families, we restore communities, we restore hope, and we restore dreams. There’s no better feeling than realizing this immense impact.”

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